This is what we do! We love to go past the "Say Cheese Portraits"....
We want to get the giggles, hugs and LOVE!
We know you have the Sassy child, the one that wont stay still and even through the madness you both are still madly in love! 
Lets us show you how we capture it all! 
It will be stressful getting ready and the kids not getting messy before the shoot but the moment you are in-front of our camera we make it our job to have this be a positively amazing experience. 
Don't worry dads will change their minds... in fact we have been told after one session they reminded their wives it was time to call 
Delight in the Light for there next session! 
Thank you for allowing us the pleasure
-Delight in the Light Team

Come Join us 
for our in-studio minis 
(2) Digital Images 
(1) 5x7 
(2) 4x6
(four poses total)
Additional Images are $10 for digital copy